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Abstract Gradient


With her there will be no regrets


I had been fooled once. Misled and lied to. There was no going back from that. The fact I was so easily tricked and betrayed gnawed at my bones, and it was causing me to self-destruct.


I’ve put up walls around me the size of Texas, and no one will break them down—not even the pretty waitress with doe eyes, and a warm smile.


Sav is there whenever I decide to wallow in regret, a bottle and a glass my only company. And even though I’m determined to not let anyone in, Sav somehow worms her way into my life without even trying. 


Every time I look into her eyes, I can see there’s something different about her. She’s an enigma, her life a mystery I want to solve. 


It’s only when the devil from her past comes knocking that I realise how much danger she’s really in. Her life is threatened, and it’s up to me to protect her. 


If that means I have to walk through hell twice, then that’s what I’ll do.

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