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Dr. Kelly 3D.9.png

Every force has an equal and opposite attraction.

Love being the most volatile of them all.



My life is anything but boring.

So what if I’m an introvert and prefer to focus on my career? 

I was fine.

Until I met him—Flynn Kelly.

The doctor with the sexy Irish accent. 

I thought we were unbreakable, until someone close hurts me in an unimaginable way.

Can two opposites fight the laws of attraction or will it end up tearing us apart?



I work hard, and play even harder.

When it came to women, I could have anyone I want.

Until I met her—Avery Evans.

She’s quiet, shy, and everything I’m not.

But we’re drawn together like magnets, sparking each other to life.

When the unthinkable happens, our differences really show.

Is our attraction about to sizzle and flame out? Only time will tell.

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