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Abstract Gradient


3D Agent Cruz.1.png

There’s no rhyme or reason when it comes to happily ever afters.

Falling in love happens when you least expect it.



I was betrayed, now I don’t trust easily.

One night I let loose and do something crazy.

When my new partner is assigned, I’m shocked to find we’ve already met.

From the moment my eyes land on him, I know I’m screwed.

Dominic Cruz crashes through my fortress and I start to trust again.

Until I don’t.

Then I discover something that will change everything.



This new assignment fell into my lap.

I was reluctant but then I met my new partner—Charli Davis.

The one who rocked my world and left in the middle of the night.

Our connection was instant and it’s still as intense.

My future is finally looking bright.

Then my past finds me.

Now everything is uncertain, but nothing is as it seems.

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