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I vowed I'd never give my heart to another hockey player again. I learned my lesson the first time. But then I met Kallen Jones and he became a huge problem.


Not only is he on my "Don't Fall in Love with A Hockey Player" list, but he’s also sitting pretty high on my "I want you" list. But I can't date a puckhead again. 


It doesn't matter how good looking he is with his blue eyes, lickable abs, and heart of gold. He's a hockey player and my dad is his coach. Except Kallen isn’t like the others. He treats me like a princess and has me doubting my decision and breaking my vow at every turn. 


Until he turns out to be just like the last puckhead I gave my heart to. 


I pucking hate him but I also pucking love him…I’m so pucking screwed.

She swore never to love a player again.

Then she met him.

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