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Rules are meant to be broken


Rule #1: Never fall in love.

Rule #2: Never sleep with a local.

Rule #3: Never sleep with the same person twice.

Rule #4: No glove, no love.

Rule #5: Never break Rules 1-4.


These are the rules that I’ve lived by since I opened The Grove Bar three years ago, but in the last thirty-six hours, I have broken most of them…repeatedly. And boy-oh-boy, did I break them. 


Damn you, Burton-f’ing-Hayes.


I didn’t just break my rules with this sexy as sin man; I smashed every one of them to smithereens, and then set each one on fire and pissed on the simmering ashes. 


Life was easy with my rules, but now that I’ve obliterated them, I don’t know what to do. Do I follow my heart and set new rules? Or do I stick to my original rules and risk it all?


They say rules are meant to be broken, but at what cost?

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